TruLogix offers Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to its customers leveraging existing technologies in innovative and creative ways. TruLogix is pioneering unique Integrated Value Chain Collaboration (IV2C) software.  We assess workflows and nuances within specific value chains to understand customer and third party suppliers that exist within that community. IV2C is designed to address pain points of both customers and third party suppliers allowing fluid status updates capitalizing on the fact that supplier successes are customer successes.

TruMarket Industry Community

  • Place open requisitions or select a specific & available Supplier during the order process
  • Matches customer needs with eligible suppliers
  • Provides visibility of open Supplier availability & capacity
  • Onboard new Suppliers
  • Provides Procure-to-Pay (P2P) tools for customers
  • Provides Order-to-Cash (OTC) tools for suppliers
  • Benchmark your performance against the marketplace
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  • Order and manage orders from your smartphone, tablet or even from a laptop at your favorite morning coffee table
  • Available wherever you go, either in-the-field or on-the-go
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) nature lessens IT burdens & headaches

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Order-to-Cash (OTC) Supplier Tools

  • View & respond to open requisitions
  • Assign awarded orders to teams, equipment or drivers
  • Track order status
  • Quickly turn work orders into invoices
  • View issues preventing invoicing
  • View bid and order performance immediately

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Digital Documentation

  • Enables paperless operations for Customers and Suppliers
  • Provides Digital BOL's, Field Tickets & Invoices
  • Creates seamless transfer of information downstream
  • Captures signatures facilitated by workflow

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Analytics & Consultative Services

  • Provides meaningful KPIs & metrics
  • Uses profile-driven Dashboards
  • Performance-driven vendor tiering & consultation reviews
  • Tracks open requisitions & bid tracking 
  • Presents Bid-to-Invoice comparisons

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Action-Driven Communication

  • Event or exception-driven email/text alerts & notifications
  • Suppliers are alerted when there are execution or order status changes and important incoming bid information
  • Streamlines communication to the Supplier and Customer workforce
  • Drives action when urgent attention is called

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QR Code Workflow for Strict Safety & Compliance Standards

  • Drivers & Field Reps will check-in/out with QR Codes
  • Comparison of check-in/out will be made between asset, rules, & order to allow and restrict next actions and order completion, preventing mishaps or invoice inaccuracies