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What We Do

TruLogix is an innovative software company developing a first-of-a-kind IV2C (Integrated Value Chain Collaboration) platform which integrates value chains between Customers and Suppliers. Our solution represents more than just a Customer-owned or Supplier-owned software tool; it promotes tru(e) collaboration and empowers users at all levels of an organization to streamline wasteful processes and gain visibility.


Our SaaS (software as a solution) platform, called TruMarket, offers mobility and flexibility in order pricing, scheduling, and status changes based upon customer needs within a dynamic environment. In addition, TruMarket, in a ground-breaking user-friendly way, enables suppliers to manage their execution end-to-end and will take the customer-to-vendor relationship to the next level. 


TruMarket is a cloud-based software solution that ...



  • Work schedules between Operators & their Suppliers
  • Pricing that reflects current market conditions
  • Activities in the field as work is put into play


  • Budgets with Actuals & Invoices
  • Plans with Progress
  • Progress with rules & regulations

& Mobilizes the supply chain

  • Accessible by laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Order, request for bid, and alert on demand
  • Made for those in the field and on the go

... welcome to TruLogix, empowering those who power us all!  Click here to learn more about TruMarket.

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